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The story for Deities: Domination picks up at the end of a great war. The war to regain the 7 realms from the darkness felled many, including the First of the Gods. As the realms recover, the Gods that once fought together now vie against each other to claim the empty throne.

In Deities Domination, you are a God imposing your will on your tribe as you compete with your rivals for total domination of the earth. Your success rests on your ability to guide your tribe towards achieving glory in your name. Command your tribe to explore new lands, build villages and shrines, battle, or offer tributes in your honor. Your choices determine the fate of your people. Will you be a benevolent God and protect your tribe from the machinations of your foes, or will you be malevolent, channeling your might to rain destruction on all who stand in your way? Every action has a consequence. The path to complete domination is paved with difficult choices.

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What play testers love about Deities Domination


NonZeroSum Games

"Deities Domination by Muffin Games is firing on all cylinders for me. It ranks high in engagement, interaction, and replayability."

Will & Sara Meadows
Tantrum House

“…Really has some meat to the decisions you make in the game…. Great replayability. A lot of paths to victory”

Monsters of Deities Domination