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MyJourney Wednesdays: Our Journeys

July 12, 2017

MyJourney is a series about the people in the board gaming world. In this series, I invite people passionate about tabletop gaming, from gamers, reviewers, publishers, to distributors, and artists to share their experiences with board gaming.


Over the past few weeks, I have truly enjoyed getting to know Patrick, Ben and Sergio and writing their stories on this new series. The past weekend while I was typing up my notes for the next Interview (On a very interesting person – so stay tuned for next week’s post), it struck me that I had never written about how this idea took hold and how along the way I made friends who introduced me to new games. “MyJourney Wednesdays” began (and continues) to be a tribute to game night Wednesdays.


In this week’s MyJourney entry, I am telling the stories of my friends and me – what our favorite board games are and how we started playing. These few friends that I have chosen to write about are those who introduced me a variety of games, the BGG blog and most importantly Kickstarter as a medium of learning about new games created by the ordinary and the extraordinary (like CMON). Here are our stories:




I got started with board games early on in my life. My parents and I played together on family nights. Games like monopoly, uno and playing cards were popular back then.

Favorite board game: Jungle Speed (The old version, not the new one – the older version had a wooden totem which was more in tune with the “jungle” theme than the newer plastic one). This game requires quick thinking, reflexes, and steady hands. The card patterns are trippy and the rules change unexpectedly during play. I remember hours upon hours of play, refining strategies and jumping atop the couch (we obviously did not stop the game even if the totem flew across the room).

Games I was introduced to through Francois: Ultimate Werewolf, Resistance, Catan




I started playing board games because of my friend Phil. My wife (Danielle) and I always liked games but only had played what I would now consider simple games. After meeting Phil, we started playing multiple hour-long mind racking games which both myself and my wife have now come to love. Figuring out your strategy and being around friends with the same interests is what board gaming is all about, I now get it and am on board.

Favorite board game: Blood Rage which I was recently introduced to by my friend Phil at a board game night. The sheer number of intricate pieces, the board artwork, and the fine details just make you want to jump in and start playing even before you know the rules. There is a lot of counter-intuitive strategy in the game and many different paths to victory. We ended up playing it three times and it is just as exciting as the first.

Games I was introduced to through Brian & Danielle: Carcassonne, Suburbia, Pandemic, Viticulture, Agricola




I started playing board games when a friend of mine introduced me to board games. I enjoy board games because it is a fun way to spend time with people! (Elyse and her husband Phil are the board game Gurus who introduced almost all of us directly or indirectly to the pleasures of this hobby.

Favorite game: So hard to choose! My current favorite game is Viticulture

Games I was introduced to through Elyse and Phil: Bloodrage, Cash n guns, Tzolk’in, 7 wonders




When I was a child, I played board games like snakes and ladders, chess and Chinese checkers. Back then was it was my grandma who taught me these games. She was my favorite playmate because she let me win. The I got hooked on to playing board games through my husband, Ranga and his group of friends.


Favorite game: My recent favorite is Tzolk’in – so many strategies you can choose to win the game. I loved the moving wheel mechanic in the middle.

Games I was introduced to by Soumya and Ranga: Code names, Cards against humanity, Legends of the 3 kingdoms, Wits and wagers, Munchkin


Me, Fedja:


I was never a big board gamer until I started noticing the artwork made for the newer games – by independent creators and big publishing houses. Picking up board games as a hobby became a natural outlet to my passion for art, puzzles and history (sometimes). Also, who doesn’t love to make friends (or in some cases lose a few) over a good game night? 


Favorite game: Sequence – this was the very first game I played with my mom and brother and it still holds a special place in my heart. Stratego – this one game I play with a good friend of mine and we get super competitive about this game and it has been our ‘thing’ for the past few years.


What are your favorite games and how did you get hooked onto playing board games? Let us know in the comments below.


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